how to clean camera lenses at home

How To Clean Camera Lenses At Home: Tips And Tricks

How to clean your Camera lens? If you are a dedicated photographer or even just doing it for passion, it is a must to keep your camera lens clean and clear for the best performance. Well, it’s not that much tricky but not also a way easy because if you rub your lens often or too much, it may increase the risk of getting scratch over it. So, we will help you in finding the best and the most appropriate way to clean your lenses. The cleanliness of your camera lens directly affects the quality f your images and hence finally decides the result of your efforts. Maybe you did your best in clicking the best pictures, from different angles and different filters but your work wasn’t up to the mark due to one simple mistake, and that is your dirty camera lens. You cannot go all over your shoot and click the pictures again. Therefore, in this article, we have summarized some of the methods to clean your lens in the right way.  Methods to clean your lensMentioned below are different ways to clean your camera lens. You can pick any method depending on your requirement and the things you on. Use a blower: Never blow over your lens through your mouth as your breath carry saliva particles, and it gets condensed over the lens. This can lead to the reduction of your image quality. Instead, use a blower as they are the safest. This blower They are specially designed to remove dust and smudge effortlessly without leaving any residue. Use a Lens brush: If you find blower not enough, you can clean your lens with a lens brush. You can use any lens brush, but a camel hair’s brush is highly recommended because the camel hair is thin and also less harmful to the lens. These brushes look like actual brushes but are designed for cleaning delicate objects like a camera lens.Sometimes, brushes carry unusual substance, so try to keep brush isolated and don’t touch it with your hand.  Use a camera lens cleaner: If you are willing to take the least risk, go for the camera lens cleaner. These are the alcohol-based solution which leaves no residue or streak on your camera lens. One drop of this lens cleaner is enough to clean all the dust and unwanted material. The best part of this cleaner is that it dries quickly after washing. Also, it is made for all digital products and delicate optics.Apply this cleanser on a tissue paper and clean the lens gently so to avoid any damage or scratch. Never spray or apply this cleaner directly on your camera lens.Use a soft tissue: If you have opted to use a liquid lens cleaner, make sure to use a microfiber lens cloth or any specific lens cleaning tissue or clothes. Never go with daily use tissues as they are harsh and can cause damage or individual scratch to your delicate lens. The microfiber lens clothes are safe and cheap as well. These tissues are incredibly soft and non-abrasive. The best part of this method is that these issues are for one time uses.  Don’t clean your lens more often.Now, we know the best ways to clean our camera lens, and accordingly, we need to discover what are the don’ts we need to avoid during the cleaning of the delicate camera lens. The Camera Lens is the most delicate and sensitive part. Also, it is present exterior to the camera and is not covered all the time. So, it gets dirty more often, but if you clean your lens regularly, your lens has to face more damage. Never use your mouth to blow since you can blow saliva and condensation on to the lensTry not to use air compressors as they drip oil all over your lensDon’t directly apply the bristle of brush on your delicate lensAlso, never touch the bristles of the brush with your fingersDon’t spray near or on the cleaning surface as it may get accumulated inside the lensNever even think of using liquids like detergent or soap as it may worsen your problem by making the lens look dirtierDon’t use T-shirts, tissue paper or rough towels to clean your lenses. Conclusion:So these are the best ways with the help of which you can easily clean your camera lens. Also, the best part is you don’t have to change your camera lens or invest in buying a brand new lens as it is an expensive option to go for. Make sure you take care of these don’ts and do not harm your camera lens. Cleaning your lens with these best ways can enhance the quality of your pictures instantly. Not only this, if you are even trying to make your portfolio you don’t have to get it done from any professional photographer you can do the work by cleaning your lens in the best possible ways. Last, make sure you always keep your lens protected and covered to stay from the dust particles.

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