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How to Clean DSLR Lenses and Camera Sensor: Complete Guide 2022

The image quality of any captured photo is depending on the condition of your camera lens. To get a clean and sharp photo quality you need clean lenses. Here you will know about how to clean DSLR lenses.

Keeping lenses clean also tends to stay longer in good working. That is why it is much more important to take care of your DSLR lenses to get a clear and sharp photo quality.
To do such cleaning first you need to understand and learn the whole cleaning process properly. You need to be very careful while doing the cleaning of the DSLR’s lens because daily lens cleaning might also impact negatively and can make some scratches on it. So, whenever you found some dirt on your DSLR lens then consider it the right time for cleaning it.
In this article, I am going to share a few tips and tricks for cleaning the DSLR lens properly so you can get clear and sharp photos on your every click.
But first, let’s know,

In this, I am going to show I to check the dirt on your DSLR lens before using it to click pictures.

#1. Setting Focus to the infinity:

To set up a focus to infinity need to set the camera into manual mode. Then after setting the focus ring to infinity. By doing that you’ll able to see if there is any dust particle is present in the viewfinder or not.

#2. Capture a picture of a plain or stable surface:

To capture a picture of a plain or stable surface approach a two-shot method. Take that shot in light surface and as well of the dark surface to find the dust particles in the picture.

#3. Check the recently taken pictures:

Try to check all recently captured pictures in a playback mode with extra zoom so you can easily find the presence of dust on your DSLR lens. If you find the dust then it is the right time to clean your DSLR lens.

#4. Remaining test of dust particle presence on your DSLR lens:

Always check the rear element of your DSLR lens to find the presence of dust and mold. If you find any signs of mold then you should give your lens for cleaning to an authorized experienced person rather than doing it on your own.

What tools can you use to clean your DSLR lens?

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1. Lens Cleaning Fluid: 

Whenever you go to the camera store you can easily find an alcoholic cleaning solution liquid for lens and it is important to buy. This liquid will help your lens to be cleaned off and safe from the finger touch marks to be scratched by other cleaning stuff.
It is important to note that you use only a few droplets of this liquid to clean the DSLR lens with soft tissue in a circular motion gently. Because using more droplets of cleaning liquid might defect the optics of your DSLR camera if it goes down the lens surface.

2. Cleaning tissue

In a lens cleaning process always try to choose a thing paper tissue to use with alcoholic cleaning liquid to avoid after cleaning scratches. Make sure that you use these tissues only once for cleaning and after the use keep the habit to throw them. Always try to avoid daily use of rough facial tissues because they might leave a scratch on your DSLR lens.

3. Cleaning Clothes

Cleaning cloths are the obvious alternative to soft cleaning soft tissue. Just like choosing a perfect cleaning tissue you also have to choose a proper microfiber cleaning cloth. This washable microfiber cleaning cloth helps you to clean dust and oily moisture from the lens surface completely.   
Always check for a larger piece of dust that is not present on the lens’s surface before you clean it with a cloth. If you forget to check it then it might leave a scratch mark on the lens. To avoid such a situation, use a blower or brush to wipe it out from above the lens.

4. Manual Air Blowers

Avoid breathing on the DSLR lens because the acid of your breath might harm your lens. Rather than using your breath to remove some dust grits on the lens, you can use a manual air blower to remove it safely.
So, whenever you’re traveling and using your camera a lot then keeping a manual air blower is a good option to remove the dust particle whenever needs. It is important to do 3-4 times squeeze blower before you use it on your lens because there might be a possibility then sometimes dust go inside the blower in the process.

5. Lens Cleaning Brush

If you find a ton of dust particles on your lens then trust me no one is a good option rather than cleaning them by using a soft-bristled brush. Whenever you go to buy a lens cleaning brush then make sure it is made of camel’s or goat’s hairs so you can gently clean your camera lens without even leaving a one scratching mark.
Always try to avoid touching the bristles of brush or lens is cleaned well if your fingers are oily or contain any moisture on it.

How to keep your DSLR lens clean and clear from dust?

Well, always try to keep your camera lens clean and clear if you want your lens to use for the long term. By using these safety measures, you don’t require to clean your DSLR lens all time. This will also save your camera lens from getting scratches on it.

1. Using Skylight or UV filters:

Whenever you buy your DSLR lens then make sure you buy it with a Skylight or UV filter to protect it. After the use of a DSLR camera always keep a habit of applying this filter on the lens whenever you’re not using it. This safety measure will protect your DSLR lens from scratches, stops specks of dust from entering into it, and sometimes also protect it from breakages.
This filter thing will save you from extra cleaning time of lens meaning your only need to clean your UV filter instead of a whole camera lens. So, another thing to note down is you have to buy filters with the same level of quality as your lens to protect it properly.

2. Lens Hood

Always use the lens hood which comes with the DSLR camera to give your lens protection from both the front and back end.

3. Silica Gel

As the climate change, your camera bag might get some moisture in it and that moisture content might damage your lens by vaporizing somewhat. If that vapor is still not cleaned then it might stick on the lens and difficult your cleaning process and also possible that it that cleaning process your lens might get some scratches.
So, always keep a habit of keeping silica get sachets in your camera bag to protect your camera from such moisture problems. Keep changing these silica gel sachets as time goes.


It is obvious that your DSLR lens comes with an expensive budget and needs to make sure that you take proper care of it. Always clean it properly by taking your parameters under control so you can click the best quality pictures from it and able to use it for the long term. Plus, always clean your lens with good quality products and avoid the cheaper ones.

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