How to connect action camera to pc

How To Connect Action Camera To Pc Or Laptop: Pro Tips

If you have pro photographer skills and want to make your carrier in photography, then you should have an excellent action camera to shoot. Read this review about how to connect an action camera to pc if photography is in passion.

As you know that an action camera captures stunning and quality videos if you have smart tricks and decent knowledge. But the memory of the action camera fulls quickly because of less space. It is a major issue for the camera to connect with pc. Also, you can easily edit and share your photos and video.

Now, modern action cameras feature wifi and Bluetooth capability that can save your time and perform this process quickly and straightforward.

In this article, we have mentioned the connection process and important tricks, which sure helpful.

Why action camera needs to connect to pc

When you connect your action camera to pc, it helps you in many ways, as we mentioned above. Connecting the action camera to pc allows us to share and edit videos as well as images.We have listed some of the essential points below. Have a look.

1. Storage Capacity

Usually, the action camera comes with sd cards to store the camera’s files. If your camera supports a high-definition resolution, such as 4K UHD or 1080P HD, then the sd cards are too short for that kind of video quality.

Connecting the action camera to the pc, you can save your favorite videos and images easily to the computer. Now you can safely delete the files once you have transferred all the files. In this way, your camera is ready to shoot again.

2. Image editing software

You can use several types of editing software to grow the quality of videos and photos. It allows you to add different kinds of changes as well. 

You can use image titles, captions and include voice while editing video. The videos and photos take a dynamic look after editing.

3. Sharing images and video on social media

Engage your self on social platforms and share your memorial and fun moments on different media to connect your action camera with your pc.

 It is one of the biggest benefit. Also, you can increase your fan following and communicate easily with them.

4. Storage clouds

It allows you to store your fun moments on storage clouds. Your more fallow can easily download the images, and It free up memory of your pc as well.

How to connect action camera to pC ?

Below, we have mentioned all two ways to connect your action camera to a PC. One is a wired connection, and the other is a wireless connection.

Wired connections

1. Standard Micro-USB

Most of the camera supports wifi or bluetooth connection. These are the easiest way to upload. If your action camera does not support these functions, use a USB cable to connect the PC’s action cam.

The standard USB connector is available at one end to plug into your pc. A smaller micro-USB connector is at another end to plugin your camera. Now, change the camera setting to “USB Mode” and then transfer files.

2. Magnetic Connection

Some of the action cameras have this type of connection. A cable like this has a standard USB connector at one end and a small, round magnet at the other end as well.

It is much faster than other connections and user friendly too. It protects the camera from dust because you don’t need to open any port to the data transfer.

3. Micro HDMI

This type of connection helps to display your data on a large screen without transferring. The micro HDMI cables directly to the PC’s monitor for previewing data.

4. Micro-SD Card Reader

Micro SD-Card reader has a standard USB connector at on end. The other end is fixed with a card reader box where you can slide your SD-Card. Connect USB Connector to your pc and transfer the data quickly. It is the cheapest way to transfer data from your action camera to pc.

Wireless connections

1. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi

This feature is also in trend for the last few years. Turn on Wi-Fi settings and connect your action camera to the computer easily.In some cases, when you search devices in range after enabling Wi-Fi, It requires a specific Wi-Fi SSID password. You can get that password in the camera’s manual instruction or its official website.

2. Wireless connection via Bluetooth

Nowadays, most of the action camera comes with the Bluetooth feature because of the market’s demand. No one wants to buy an action camera without Bluetooth.

Four to five years old window supports build-in-Bluetooth software and easily pair to your device. If your computer has no Bluetooth supporting software, then nothing to worry about at all. Use an adapter to connect micro-SD cards with the computer.


Although you are on a travel trip or a short party, enjoy the fun movements with the camera and transfer old footage to your computer to get a new place for a new one.

Now, no need to worry about losing the old videos or images. After transferring the data, edit it with modern editing software and upload it on social media for engaging yourself with your followers. Here also look for action camera under 100.

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