How to save dslr battery

How To Save DSLR Battery When You Running Low On Power

Could it happen with you as you are out of home in the forest for shooting a sight and you have lost the battery power. It is a bad experience for any photographer never want to face. The article is also related to how to ​DSLR battery last longer. We will guide you about which camera function tale much power consumption and how you can restrict it.All the DSLR camera comes with an extra piece of battery and charger too but sometimes we forget or lose to a back-up of battery because of some reason then it creates issue to shoot.

​Nowadays the camera comes with more features like a fast processor, large sensor. build in wi-fi, GPS, and many more.  They consume a lot of power so it is tough to survive with a single battery the whole day. Here we have described important tips to how you can save battery power.

​7 Tips for Longer Camera Battery Life

#1. Turn Off Stabilization

Some lens has inbuilt image stabilization, but some have these extra features and it consumes much power. Always turn it in when you need it. Normally you can shoot without switch it on and your camera performs better. It is used only when you have a picked camera for shake-free images and the subject is moving.

#2. Turn off automatic sensor cleaning

While clicking the photos and turning off the camera, it bearing an extra load on the battery by cleaning the sensor automatically. So we advise you to turn it off if you are not changing lenses after every shoot. Turning it off will save some power.

#3. Turn off All sounds

While Any sound of the menu system doesn’t affect or add anything to the photo shooting at the end. If the battery of your camera is low and we are on the field, we have strongly recommended making these sounds shut off.We can shut off some more sounds like confirmation beep if we are shooting street one.

#4. Turn the lCD brightness down

LCD screen consumes a healthy amount of power from any of the parts in the camera. That is the reason why the camera battery dies before the calculated time. If you will turn off the LCD screen, you will save quite a large amount of battery. It will increase the battery life by 1 or 2 hours more but you will not able to watch everything clearly on the screen.

#5. Replace the old batteries

Consider that thing in mind to replace old batteries instantly if they are not providing the proper backup. If the batteries have held less power, they have expired to their age and won’t be able for a 5-hours photo session. Caring properly for the old batteries can survive for a shorter, not for long-lasting. So keep checking the batteries from time to time and replace them on time.

#6. Turn Off Wi-fi

You have to shift the things off like Wi-fi, GPS, Bluetooth in most of the manufacturers. Some camera brands like Sony are providing “air plan” mode same as your phone. When you turn it on, it disables all the features. That is a good idea to save the battery long-lasting.

#7. Use the inbuilt and external flash when you need Only

Normally, every camera model provides this function because it gives you clear images in low light too But if the light condition is good at shooting sight, then better to shut it off, and Turing the inbuilt flash will save the battery a lot. Consider on more thing in mind always that inbuilt flash creates shadows and hard light when you click photos so it is better to use external flash but it also consumes much power.


​Although, it is a very bad experience for a photographer to face a dead battery issue, but trying to perform these short things, you can well cross the low battery problem.

You can save battery power by switching off the camera sensor, image stabilization, pop-up and inbuilt flash, screen brightness.

You should avoid deleting things while less battery power because it also consumes much power.

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