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How To Start A Vlog And Become A Youtube Vlogger In 2022

If you want to start a successful vlog but have no idea about it, then here we will show you the path step by step on how to start a vlog and became a youtube vlogger. This article is the solution to all your questions. After reading it, you can easily make an action plan and execute it. if you want to buy a vlogging camera then here are top 11 vlogging cameras for you.

As you know that there are many platforms available for vlogging. All the platforms for vlogging give you massive views. You can achieve growth easily by uploading your content on this platform. So what are you thinking about? Just choose one of these and go ahead.
Populer plateforms are given fallow.

#1. Youtube -

No doubt, It is the biggest and most popular vlogging platform all over the world. If you are thinking to watch any type of video, then first and foremost youtube comes into your mind. It has a high potential for your growth in vlogging.

Today most people usually watch this platform. It is popular in 91 countries and available in 80 languages and visitors watch it daily for 1 billion hours. It gives you extra features to boost and monetizing the video content and you can grow quickly.


  • Very wide people reach
  • Too much features for monetizing video
  • Easy accessibility for all
  • Largest digital library comparing to others
  • Video sharing features are too much.


  • Highly competitive
  • Guidelines are tough.
  • Copyright issue.

#2. Instagram -

This platform is gathering a massive audience for the last couple of years and very popular as well. We are saying this because of their serve of reaching people all over the world as they got 1 billion reaches in 2018. Now it is challenging for Youtube and has grown as a tough competitor because of people's popularity. People like it very much for short videos.

Instagram updated itself from time to time. Now it has come with live and stories, two new features. These two features are amazing to share the vlogging video.
So what are you waiting for? Download it and connect to your followers.


  • Very Searchable.
  • Too Much user friendly
  • Easy to grow and edit your pictures.
  • Location Tagging.
  • Always New Features Being Released.


  • Not suitable for every niche.
  • Very heavy content.
  • No Copyright to the Pictures

#3. Facebook -

It was launched in 2004 as a collage work but now gather all over the world. It is now leading with 1 billion active users so far. Although a matter of advertising or meeting new people, people prefer this platform because it is cheaper than others.

Facebook is a very trusted and cheap platform for advertising options. You can make partner with any brands and spread your business easily.


  • Amazing video shooting
  • Lots of video sharing options
  • Helps You Keep in Touch
  • Totally free for users
  • Platform for Education


  • Privacy Leak issue
  • You can easily miss it.
  • No Copyright 

#4. Vimeo -

Vimeo is one of the creative vlogging platform. You can create new ideas with lots of new designs. It may not be comfortable for some vlogger at the beginner level because you need much effort for getting some success. Your growth depends on your new creations.

As Vimeo has some new video creating options so you can improve the content quality easily. So make a channel and enjoy Vimeo after uploading videos.


  • Accepts no advertisement.
  • No foundation for video size and length
  • Strong privacy settings
  • User-friendly interface for administrators
  • Amazing design and branding.


  • Less channel diversity
  • It charge money .

#5. Flickr -

It is a platform for picture uploading for the last few years. But now the company updated it from the last few years and you can upload the video as well.

It is one of the very popular photo and video sharing programs. You can easily use all the features after sign up. Flickr provides you 100 MB of free space to upload. You can extend it if it is not enough.


  • Easily editing the photos.
  • No boundation for space
  • Viewers can comment on  photos
  • Provides backup for your pictures


  • Less channel diversity
  • It charge money .

5 Killer tips on how to start a vlog

#1. Research a topic

First and foremost, research the topic about who you want to make your vlog. It is a very difficult step because all your growth and audience is depending on your niche selection.

We recommend taking it easy and choose a passionate topic for which you can spend some hours. You can create new ideas and invest your full energy in your favorite niche. Don't pick a topic that has a short time trend. A short trend niche can't make you a successful vlogger ever.

#2. Create A Channel

When you researched your niche to work on, then create a video channel and set up it. As we have mentioned some popular video-sharing platforms. You have to select an interested one of them and make a channel.

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