How To Take Pictures with GoPro Hero 7

How To Take Pictures With GoPro Hero 7: 2022 Guide

GoPro Hero 7 is arguably one of the best action cameras providing you the freedom to capture the best freakishly smooth footage with smart-capture options. GoPro Hero 7 can be used to click super-photos and HyperSmooth stabilized Video. Talking about its feature, it can record 4K videos at 60 frames per second and capture 12MP photos. There are a ton of other additional features like 8x Slo-Mo video, TimeWarp Mode, Voice Control, etc. Here read a complete guide about how to take pictures with Gopro Hero 7.

​How to use gopro hero 7: 7 tips and tricks

Undoubtedly, GoPro is the most dynamic and incredible action camera on this planet that will help you capture the action, adventure, or travel under different lighting conditions and surroundings. But when it comes to photography, GoPro Hero 7 proves itself to be slightly tricky for beginners. Well, GoPro Hero 7 comes with an instruction manual on how to tackle every basic to advance feature of the camera in detail during photography but if you are willing to learn some awesome techniques of photography then having a hands-on experience is going to be the best option to click some cool images. This is because you can play with some settings, buttons, angles, ISO, light source, etc. Still, here are some tips and tricks that will help you while capturing the best possible shot with your GoPro Hero 7 even if you are a beginner.

#1. Framing your Subject

Some of the old GoPro models don’t have a preview panel to view your photos or adjusting the FoV during photography which makes it difficult in seeing that what’s in the FoV (Field of View).

But, In GoPro Hero 7 or newer models, you have a preview panel to see what’s inside the Field of View. So, always adjust the Framing of the subject you are clicking using that preview panel. It will take some time to adjust the subject but, in the end, you will get a better result.

#2. Lighting :

Lighting condition is the fundamental of photography. The natural the lighting, the better will be your image. GoPro Hero 7 is designed to capture the moment at any time in even low-light conditions but usually, during sunrise or sunset, you will get softer lighting conditions. This evening or morning light generally produces warmer images with less contrast that gives a fantastic tone to your images.

#3. Brust photo mode 

This is the most basic but most important mode that you can find in almost every GoPro camera. Also, most of the action shots you see on social media platforms is captured via this mode. This mode gives you the flexibility to capture 30 photos in 6 seconds. You can also adjust the duration and number of images you want to capture in a particular duration of time. The faster the action the greater number of images per second for the best possible shot. Just remember that this mode is used especially for action shots and also this mode takes more storage space.

#4. Time-Lapse Mode:

If your storage is running out and you are seeking an alternative to Burst-Photo Mode, then Time-Lapse Mode is going to be the best option. Set your GoPro on Time-Lapse Mode and GoPro Hero 7 will do the rest. The best part of this mode is that you can click mind-blowing shots without anyone’s help. This mode gives you access to capture a range of images over a particular duration of time. But don’t forget to attach your GoPro on a rigid bench or any object through a trigger or a tripod. For action photography, keep the duration shorter and for normal shots, keep the duration longer. Remember one thing: If you set the duration to more than 5 seconds, GoPro Hero 7 will give you raw images which means you are getting more flexibility to edit your images.

#5. Play with Shutter Speed:

Being Aperture and ISO the most important settings in photography, Shutter Speed also plays a major role in making your image brighter and more dramatic. You can alter the shutter speed settings to freeze the action or blurring motion. The best way to adjust the Shutter Speed in GoPro Hero 7 is to set your camera in Night-Lapse mode and then start adjusting your shutter speed with the lower values. Below are some preset adjustments for shutter speed for commonly used ideas.

  • If you are willing to capture light trails for night traffic or moving light then a shutter speed of 2, 5, or 10 seconds is decent.
  • If you are willing to capture a moonlight sky, a shutter speed of 20 seconds will provide you the best result.
  • If there are complete darkness and just the stars, set your shutter speed to the maximum which is 30 seconds, you will get the best starlight shot.

#6. Attachments are a must:

GoPro Hero 7 works best with accessories and helps to extend the quality the of subject while you are shooting. GoPro Hero 7 supports more than 40 different accessories. These accessories include a tripod, floating handgrip, etc.

Tripod is necessary to keep your camera steady especially when you are shooting with low shutter speed.Selfie Stick helps you positioning the subject beyond your arm’s length. It also allows you to take shots at different angles and distance which is nearly impossible with your hand arm.Jaws Clamp is one of the most innovative and versatile mounts which is supported by GoPro Hero 7. It gives you the freedom to mount your GoPro on skateboards, cars, surfboards, etc.

#7. Composure Rules:

Excellent photos can be clicked by chance, but they are usually crafted. Listed below are a few tips to compose your photos.Horizon Balance: Balancing the horizon of your photos will let them look great and catchy. A curly horizon can be too distracting. Balancing the horizon is away easy. Just use any other straight object as a reference point, like water surface, trees, or sometimes ground.Rule of 3rd: This is the most important guideline to composure your portrait or landscapes. This rule states that the main subject of the image must be placed on the left or right third of the image. It allows you to balance your main subject with the negative space for an effective composition.

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