Nikon coolpix B500 Digital camera review

Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera Review in 2022

Nikon Coolpix b500 review

The new Nikon B500 has a unique design that can really make your life a real advantage. Especially if you are found by photographing and you want to capture the best moments in your life. Truth be told, you will have the best beautiful design for your camera that can make capturing your photo more beautiful than ever before. The electronic viewfinder will help you a lot. The screen has frames and areas option that can help the camera snap the best shots.

Design of the new Nikon B500

There are a kit of controls on your camera. This all comes with the mode dial and the common setting. You can configure your camera at zero time without any complication too. You will have the options of the macro setting and the steady video recording too. You can have a very cool design that can make your capture the hardest snaps in your adventures life. You can use the camera with hard sunlight and bright shooting of the hardest weather situations too.

The Nikon Coolpix B500 has a great steady zoom for your different pictures. You will get 40 times optical zoom. His is a great criterion comparing to the handy and the optimized price that you invest for your new camera. In addition, the BNFC and the unique Bluetooth are also available for your camera. You can also take AA batteries in order to bring the best quality of moments to your family and friends’ moments.



On the side of the camera is another zoom control with a side zoom button to quickly pan out so you can re-find your subject if you’ve lost it. The camera updates last year’s Nikon Coolpix L840, which has a 38x optical zoom lens, and also uses AA batteries.

You will also get the best 35mm equivalent of wide-angle zooming. You can also give it a try with VR optical famous image. The stabilization is also over the top and the sharpshooting is another level too┬Á. You can get over 16 megapixels that can make your life a real challenging aura of bringing the best shots. The CMOS sensing has about16 megapixels that can make your modes more steady and handle for your different purposes too. You do not have manual mechanical centrism tethering is in the scene. The camera has ISO certification and you get white balance during your journey too.

You will have an embed built-in NFC and Wi-Fi for your different purposes. You will get a compatible smartphone and tablet for your different issues too. The Nikon snap bridge can make your picture another level of beautiful and art. In addition to that, the lower image transfer delta time can make your experience. The Bluetooth does not consume a lot of pf power and you can transmit your pictures in a very short delta time too. Actually, you do not need wiring for sending your pics to your computer, all can be done remotely at very easy and short prices.

The camera has also great criteria for video recording features. You will also have the best optical zoom for your images and you can implement the best microphone ability too. Like that, your video will look more professional in steady even if you are working on a middle-cost camera. The quality of audio captured from the camera is also steady and you can make your adventure more astonished than ever before thanks to the new Nikon camera.

Battery life 

If you are getting rid of the getting out of battery capacity of your camera then try to use the new camera power backup. You can take up to 600 shots with the need to recharge the battery again. This is due to the powerful and steady batteries implanted by the Company. You will have EH MH2 batteries that can last forever. They have an intelligent manner of managing when they handle power to the camera and when they need to stop. The camera battery will never need to be replaced in whole your journey.


Calera is very speedy and can make your photo comes to life in zero rile. When you shoot the wide-angle can handle the best mechanism of the pens and handle the accurate zoom and handle the best full optical focus. You can establish continuous shooting for your next impressive pics too and the camera will be able to capture more than 7 shots per second. This is a great camera for amateurs too. All you need to is to choose your target and trigger the most fascinating speedy capturing for your views and landscapes. Actually, comparing o the price, you will have a 1cm macro that can make your experience in photo shooting a great experience.

Wi-Fi features 

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can transfer images to your smartphone, and if yours features NFC, then set up the connection is even easier. You can also use the app to shoot remotely, and you can adjust the optical zoom. There’s an option to add GPS data from your smartphone to photos, as well as setting the camera’s time.


The snap bridge and the WIFI embedded can make your data and image transfer faster than ever before. You will establish the best connections teams for your different purposes. Like that, you can apply the best zoom abilities for your different issues. The optical zoom can make your life more astounding than ever before. The smartphone can make your camera connection compatible and send anything you want at zero time too. You can also adjust the connection and the best GPS data transfer for your different issues with your camera. The software maintenance is super easy due to the customer service backup.


In the end, we highly remain for your purchasing such a camera since it can handles you the best outcomes for landscapes capturing especially comparing to the handy price.

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