panasonic lumix fz80 4k 60x zoom camera review

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4k 60x Zoom Ramera Review

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 reviewThe Panasonic new cameras have the best features embedded in today. Any people around the world are showing their interests in the newt Panasonic FZ80. This is thanks to the high quality of features embedded in the new camera too. In this post, we will cover each detail related to the new FZ camera. In addition, we will talk about each advantage and disadvantages of the new camera. Accordingly, you will be able to find your guide to buy the best camera for your specific needs.FZ80 has a super easy to use touchscreen interface: very handy for amateursThe Panasonic FZ80 has a similar predecessor as the FZ70 too. We are talking about an SLR styled zoom camera. In other words, you will have an x60 optical zoom range too. This is not a compact camera for sure. The dimensions are about 5.1 x 3.7 x 4.7 inches. In addition to that, the weight of the camera is about 616 grams including the card and the battery too. With these specs, it can be a lit bit shorter and heavier from its ancestors.Image Quality and High ISO Performance in the new FZ80The new FZ80 uses a steady 18.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. It is a kind of upgrade for the ancestor sensors in the previous models of the camera. It is a small type of chips. You will have as results a very accurate zoom for your future spots. The new Venus Engine processor has the best quality of images. Especially compared to the FZ70 version too. It provides fair images with marginal higher to the ISO’s standards.Built-in lens: the most reliable zoom and focal length in the range of Panasonic camerasThe 20-1200mm lens handles a great versatile and accurate zoom for your different daily tasks. It is not just dedicated to amateurs but it is also made for professionals. They can have 60x zoom and has the best focal lengths that you have ever dreamt of. The super zoom will be your favorite features in the new Panasonic camera too. The optical zoom has a very wide 20 mm equivalents and the images captured are very accurate and precise when it comes to details. They are ranging between 20mm to 1200 mm with a 600 mm shot betweenMetering has the best tendencyThe new Panasonic FZ80 provides a good performance concerning metering. You will have assistance in center-weighted and spot metering. The autofocus can make your photos more brightening and capturing each detail of any landscape. The camera handles a great underexposing fo the slight tendency too. It is always consistent at this point since it relies on exposure compensation in order to correct the most recurrent issues. In other words, we can say that the balance metering is over the top.Autofocus can capture whole the details of your future pictures tooAutofocus is another revolutionary system dedicated to the new generation of Panasonic too. Actually, the Lumix FZ80 has a decent light autofocus performance. Especially when it comes to the wide focal lengths too. It is super-fast and can handle 60x zoom ability. However, it may struggle with low light conditions. It is an adequate camera for high light places and environments, the autofocus can work perfectly in such conditions.Performance is over the top comparing to the costThe Panasonic FZ80 has the best speed comparing to the predecessor. It can handle more than 10 frames per second. It is more performant that the famous Panasonic FZ70. It can shoot at 10 fps with a high autofocus ability that can go up to 13 RAW plus JEPG frames too.Video: 4K UHD video for $400: the best deal for professionals and amateursYou can get 4K UHD videos for just 400 USD. It is one of the top deals in the world of cameras today. Panasonic new generation of FZ80 records 4K UHD video at up to 30 frames for each second. This is can be done on 100 Mbps bitrate too. It can record it in a continuous way that goes up to 15 min.Wireless Shooting: No need to plug it using a cableYou can use the wireless shooting features too. You can remotely transfer the capture images using a wireless connection for sure. The process can be done easily using IOS and Android too. You can turn your camera Wi-Fi and locate the FZ80 connection on your device setting. You open the images gallery app on your device and you have access to whole your images easily. The process is similar in other operating systems for sure. The NFC connection is very convenient in this case.AdvantagesTouch Screen is very handy.AE Bracketing is an astonishing feature too.You will get the best 4K Photo with 8MP photos.It is very cheap compared to the features embedded in.The electronic Built-in Viewfinder is very optimized.You can have access to RAW Shooting.Face Detection Focusing is very accurate.18.0MP – High-Resolution Sensor.49 Focus Points for all your future images details.Built-in Wireless (Wi-Fi).You will have the best Image Stabilization.A very steady External Flash Shoe.4K (UHD) Video for your quality pictures.DisadvantagesIt has Small 1/2.3 sensor.It is heavier and bigger comparing to other generation of Panasonic cameras.It can suffer a little bit in the dark areas too.ConclusionIn the end, we can confirm that the new Panasonic FZ80 is one of the top leaders in the field of the camera market. People today are relying on the new generation of Panasonic cameras in order to get the best high quality of image they seek. Especially, professional they have the best deals when it comes to a very high reliable quality camera with a cheap cost of 400 USD. Especially when we compare it to the technology embedded in the new camera from Panasonic. This is your ultimate goal if you want to start a passion for photography. The budget is one of the most encouraging factors to push you toward purchasing such a camera too.

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