Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

Sony is one of the top brands in giving users the best electronic items. It is one of the popular and reliable brands across the world. It is also one of the camera’s top producers, and its a 6000 is a well-known model across the industry as you will realise after reading Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review.

A6000 is a mirrorless interchangeable camera model, and Sony further updated the a6000 with the release of Alpha A6300.

Retaining some of the best features of the A6000 model, Sony has added some more to it in A6300. This article will review the great features of Alpha a 6300, along with its drawbacks, which will acquaint you with the new camera. It will also help you choose the best camera for your needs.

Sony Alpha A6300 Digital Camera

Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review


  • 24.2 MP APS-C Exmor CMOS senso
  • Up to 11Fps continuous shooting
  • 4K movie w/ 2.4x oversampling
  • 2.36M-dot OLED finder with 120 fps mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC connection
  • Built-in microphone socket
  • Fast auto focus speed (0.05 sec.) 


  • High-quality viewfinder
  • 4K video capture
  • Very good JPEG quality
  • Quick autofocus


  • Short battery life
  • Underpowered LCD at default settings

Features of Sony Alpha A6300

1. 24.2 MP Exmor® CMOS image sensor

Sony Alpha 6300 comes with the new 24.2 MP Exmor® CMOS sensor, which highly raises the imaging performance. The copper wiring and enhanced circuitry lower the wiring layer and boost the light collection efficiency.

The camera has a broad sensitivity range up to ISO 51200, and it is capable of capturing low-noise images. With the help of copper, the readout speed and potential of advanced 4K and Full HD 120fps shooting have also been raised.

The efficiency of the BIONZ X image processor further helps the sensitivity of the new image sensor. It has an optimized algorithm that provides movies and stills of unmatched resolution along with the new image sensor. It reproduces greater detail and texture, especially in mid to high ISO ranges.

2. Comes with 425 phase-detection AF points and high-density tracking AF technology

It has (425) focal plane phase-detection AF points that focus more efficiently and accurately on subjects throughout the frame. It becomes possible with the help of distinctively broad and dense AF point coverage.

In addition, the new High-density Tracking AF provides reliable accuracy as well as tracking stability. It activates the AF points and covers the area around the subject with over seven times the density provided by the A6000.

focal plane phase-detection autofocus function can activate AF points to track the frame subjects with flawless precision.

3. Full HD 120 fps shooting and 4x / 5x slow-motion recording with 0.05s fast AF

Sony Alpha a 6300 allows you to shoot Full HD footage, even in 120 fps (100 fps) high-speed shooting along with AF tracking at a bit rate as high as 100 Mbps.

In the frameset of 30p or 24p, the camera can record 4x and 5x slow-motion movies internally.

The camera also achieves the world’s fastest AF speed of 0.05s and handles tremendous information with astonishing accuracy.

4. Silent shooting

Alpha a 6300 comes with the silent shooting mode, and when the mode is toggled on, the camera releases the shutter without a sound.

Even in the continuous shooting of even three fps with AF/AE tracking, the mode works efficiently.

It makes the camera supportive for shooting wildlife, indoor performances, and other silence requiring environments. This mode can be assigned to a customizable button for less intrusive toggling to on/off modes.

5. 4K movie recording 

The Super 35 mm format of the Alpha A6300 makes 4K movie recording can be doable with full pixel readout and without any pixel binning. This allows nearly 2.4 times information than what is required for 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160). This richness of data is, in fact, equivalent to 6K data and essentially conveys the ultimate resolution in 4K images.

6. Enhanced Fast Hybrid AF for movies

It also comes with Fast Hybrid AF that makes movie autofocus astonishingly precise, highly valuable for 4K recording. Along with other AF features, the camera helps users express great creativity with focus manipulation as far as users’ imaginations and conditions can allow.

7. S-Gamut / S-Log shooting and Gamma Display Assist

S-Gamut / S-Log shooting feature performs post-production color grading and gives flexibility in bringing expression to the movies. The S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma curves minimize blackout and whiteout by featuring a wide dynamic range of 1300%. The Alpha 6300 also provides 14-stop latitude in the S-Log3 gamma setting, which is impressive. Additionally, the camera supports S-Gamut, S-Gamut3, and Cine color space from Sony. The gamma display assist function allows users to view images with natural contrast. It does so while shooting with the S-Log gamma setting.

8. Lock-on AF Feature

THE Lock-on AF feature automatically focuses on a moving subject. Once you have aligned the target frame and the subject to be tracked, press the center button. This turns the Lock-on AF feature on. Even if you lose track of the subject, the camera will detect the subject and resume the focus once it reappears in the frame.

9. One-touch remote / One-touch sharing / Imaging Edge™ Remote, Viewer, and Edit

You can make your smartphone or tablet the remote control by using the One-touch remote function. One-touch sharing immediately transfers photos and videos to your device for sharing on Social Network Service. You can connect the camera to the devices via wifi/ QR code with the Imaging Edge Mobile app. The app allows you to control shooting with the help of your device. It also allows users to preview, select, and rate photos in image libraries. Also, users can develop RAW data into high-quality images ready to be put out.

Advantages of Sony alpha a6300 digital camera

  • The camera comes with unerring precision and unmatched resolution.
  • Alpha 6300 can be powered using USB, which extends the time of use.
  • It allows silent shooting, which is very efficient for sensitive environments.
  • It has one of the fastest autofocus in the world and allows 11.1 fps burst shooting.
  • A6300 has a very strong build, and the frame and covers are made from magnesium alloy.
  • A6300 has a very strong build, and the frame and covers are made from magnesium alloy.

Disadvantages of Sony alpha a6300 digital camera

  • It does not have any dedicated headphone jack.
  • Although it can be powered through USB, the battery life is short.
  • It faces overheating issues when used in direct sun.
  • The LCD of the camera is underpowered at default settings.


After reading Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review and looking into all the features, pros, and cons of the camera, it can be ensured that it is one of the industry’s best cameras. Sony has always provided good cameras, but the 6300 is better than all its predecessors in many aspects. 

It is one of the most rounded cameras and delivers excellent quality shooting in a variety of situations. The autofocus of the model is brilliant and unmatchable. Although the camera’s price is a little high, it is a value for money product providing sharpshooting and functions.

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