Sony DSCW800/b 20.1 mp Digital Camera Review

Sony DSCW800/b 20.1 mp Digital Camera Review In 2022

     Sony dscw800/b digital camera 


The Sony dscw800/b digital camera comes with a 10-x digital zoom feature that doubles the camera scope. The camera offers Active Sony’s Steady Shot Image Stabilization which is used to counter the camera to get clearer images with minimum blur and low noise. For an even wider angle of shooting, you can try the 360 Swipe Panorama which allows you to push and sweep the camera to capture several high-resolution images and merge them auto-into a single picture in your entire landscape. It was never easy to take photos but with this Sony dscw800/b digital camera, you can have an amazing experience of clicking beautiful pictures. You can also use the camera to load your gadget from your monitor. For easy loading, a USB charge is also available with this sony dscw800/b digital camera.

The sony dscw800/b digital camera has CCD Sensor MP Super HAD for very accurate photos and offers optical zoom Sony lens w/ 5x. It has a special feature of reduced stabilization blur with SteadyShot image in 720p HD Film mode and you can capture your videos very easily.


This camera is designed in a special way that makes it lightweight and easy to handle. With this Sony dscw800/b digital camera capturing your videos in 720p HD Movie mode becomes very easy. The Camera Menu Simple Mode takes spectacular imagery in Sweep Panorama mode-up to 360 Smile Shutter captures instantly smile Imaginative picture shooting Convenience to charge your battery via UCB. This Sony dscw800/b digital camera has all the latest features and you can cature all the beautiful moments of life. 


The Sony dscw800/b digital camera offers winsome performance as it automatically modifies the ISO, brightness, and saturation sensitivity. On the camera back the video starts recording when required by just clicking the desired movie button. The brilliant feature of the application of 5x optical zoom and effect can be extended to silent photographs (4 modes), video (4 modes), and panoramic shots (3 modes). The Sony dscw800/b digital camera has a 6.7 centimeters monitor screen. The Sony dscw800/b digital camera offers various scene modes, panoramic shooting, and a P mode to differentiate between the user’s ease of use. There is an optical zoom lens of 5x, equal to 26 mm and 130 mm, along with a 20mp CCD-sensor which offers very high speed continuous shooting, and the maximum video recording resolution of 720p (1280×720 pixels). The Sony dscw800/b digital camera has a battery and memory card, the camera weighs 125 grams and can use SD or Sony memory stick cards, which make it very light and works very well.

Features of Sony dscw800/b digital camera

  • Optical 5x Zoom & 10x Digital Zoom 

The Sony 4.6-23mm f/3.2-6.4 lens has an optical 5-fold zoom and a 35-mm focal length equivalent of 26-130mm, which gives the picture games a simple wide-angle. A 10x digital zoom option holds a high-quality picture for the shooting of longer distances while doubling your focal length effectively.

  • Use of Smile Shutter Technology

With this Sony dscw800/b digital camera, you can capture smiles immediately as they occur. You can only click and leave the rest on the camera by clicking the Smile Shutter button. You may see how responsive is this camera to smile and even prioritize adults or children’s smiles. Intelligent auto-capture can be used to catch smiles with settings tailored for the specific scene in difficult screening conditions with creeping light and retrofitting with Smile Shutter mode with the Intelligent Scene Recognition.

  • Crisp HD Shooting

With this Sony dscw800/b digital camera, you can bring ordinary landscapes and portraits to life by increased mood and increased picture effects in some features. You get four modes for your still pictures, four for video, and 3 more modes to use for your panoramic shots provide a range of creative choices. Whip the W800 in an instant to capture smooth, crisp images. Pressing a button, 720 HD images with digital sound can be captured blurry-free.

  • Mode Camera Menus are very simple

When you shoot in Easy Mode, the menu is streamlined by removing multiple extra layers and promoting and enjoying your shooting experience. If you would like more detailed shot choices, simply turn off the function and go back to the regular menu.

  • Camera guide helps to manage functions 

The W800 has an in-camera instruction manual with which you can scan the functions of the camera to fit your needs. 

  • Make the picture imaginative

In this Sony dscw800/b digital camera, you can use built-in imaging effect technology to breathe new life into an image. There are a variety of modes to choose from applications for image editing must never be downloaded.

  • Using panorama mode

For the panorama effect, you can only click on the button and swing the camera side by side. A high-speed burn of frames to create a panoramic image is automatically mounted by your camera.

  • Special features

A powerful 20.1-megapixel highly versed CCD image sensor with great contrast, and clarity, enables you to capture beautiful images to the finest detail, with the aid of a solid Steady Shot Image Stabilizer that Eliminates the blur with a 5x Optical Zoom plus a 10x Clear Image Digital Zoom with a skilled Sony ZEISS lens, 20.1MP Super HAD CCD sensor. This technology provides sharp, low noise image quality and low flutter even when the user walks.


Whether you are out for evenings or a holiday, the Sony dscw800/b digital camera features simple to shoot bright, stunning pictures and high definition videos. You can get in touch with 5x optical zoom and turn to party mode to get perfect shots and have no trouble. With the Sony dscw800/b digital camera, it’s easy to take great images and videos. Buttons are placed to be easy to use while a special film button enables film shooting. The bright Clear Picture LCD screen 2.7 helps you to quickly see your silver stills and play movies.

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